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Pottery Barn Category Description Example: Picture Frames


Putting charming art in your little ones’ rooms is always a great way to spruce up their spaces, and Pottery Barn Kids has an amazing art gallery with some fantastic images to choose from. If you’d like to focus on your little ones’ pictures first, however, that’s understandable. Let the world see them in all their glory by putting their lovely mugs in our picture frames. Our frames come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so there are many different ways you can display images of the family. An ornate carved wood frame is the perfect place to showcase a special event like a kindergarten graduation photo or a snapshot of a dad’s first Father’s Day. Our shadow box gallery frames are really special because they showcase your favorite photos as well as your cherished collectibles. They come in white or chocolate, meaning that they’re easy to match to your decor. If you want to capture your child’s first year or you’d like to memorialize a special year in the life of any of your kids, our first year frames can help. Their mats feature multiple openings for you to slot your photos into. Our frames look great anywhere in your home, including on your children’s bedroom walls, your hallway walls and tables or in the family room.

If you’d prefer to place your frames on a shelf, we’ve got a wide selection of shelving options from you to choose from. The great thing about frame shelves is that you don’t have to just use them for pictures. You can also put things like favorite toys and special mementos on the shelves. Our shelves can be decorative, functional or a combination of the two. Use our simple white ledge shelves trimmed with crown molding if you’re trying to inject a traditional theme throughout the room. This look would go well with rooms that have vintage architectural features or in rooms where you want to add this style. If you’re looking for more a fun-spirited shelf for your children, our standing giraffe shelf is a sure crowd pleaser. It’s five feet high and can fit everything from your favorite pictures to books to cherished stuffed animals. We have so many options from you to choose from. We even have a round mirror shelf that’s perfect for kids who want to give themselves a toothless, grinning onceover before running off with their favorite books.

Another way to use picture frames in children’s rooms is to create a dedicated picture wall. Don’t be afraid to mix several styles of frames because the diversity can create a wall that’s visually interesting and a lot of fun. On one part of the wall, you can use our shadow box frames to show off important treasures. Use another part of the wall to create a picture timeline with our first-year frames. Hang one of our mirrors to increase the sense of space in the room while naturally and organically sectioning off the different parts of the wall. Get your kids involved and ask them what they’d like to frame and show off. Doing so will allow them to feel like they’re an important part of the design process for their room, and it may even help them develop pride of ownership. That’s a good thing when it comes to cleanup time and keeping the space looking nice.

You could also use our frames in a special, hideaway corner of the room. Maybe your child wants to feel like royalty. Set up one of our canopies in a corner. You could put a picture of your child royal costume gear next to the canopy. Use our letters to spell out your child’s name or display his or her initials. Your options are literally endless.

We have an amazing selection of picture frames and other décor items that help make children’s spaces magical. Whatever you end up doing, remember to enjoy yourselves; you’re creating an all-fun zone.

Once you put up your beautiful frames, you’ll want to beautify other parts of your kids’ rooms. Our mirrors increase the sense of space in even the tiniest bedrooms while adding lots of fun. Our bright yellow daisy mirror brings a burst of sunshine to a light-challenged kid’s room. Our large rectangular antique wood mirror can seem to double the space of a tiny room, magically reflecting your picture frames and all of the other lovely elements in the room and encouraging little ones to dream. Our enchanting butterfly mirror from designer Monique Lhuillier is made of iron edged with silver foil butterflies and is the perfect room accessory for the child for whom glamorous is more than just a pretty word.

Speaking of dreaming, choose one of our canopies to turn your child’s room into a wonderland. Our canopies provide the secret hiding places that all children need so that they can do all the hard work associated with goofing around and enjoying their childhoods. Our magical, white lasercut canopy hangs from the ceiling and provides a secluded space perfect for giddy secrets between friends or brief slumber. Our classic, tulle canopy provides a royal-like frame around your child’s bed, but it also works anywhere you place it in the room. Our colorful animal canopy from Margherita Missoni is the obvious choice for your animal-whispering kiddos. Hang it on the wall, and watch them build a menagerie. Future stars love seeing their names emblazoned across walls, or at least their initials. We have fun, large letters that can spell out your budding Broadway babes’ monikers.

Add to the feeling of wonder in your younger kids’ and babies’ rooms by hanging up one of our gorgeous mobiles. Our mobile themes run the gamut from baby animals to sparkling stars, and they’re so versatile that they can be used in a variety of different applications. You can continue the animal friend theme in your baby’s room with our mobile made out of knitted baby animals. The cute stuffies follow each other in a circle as a soothing lullaby plays. Our butterfly ceiling mobiles would pair beautifully with our butterfly mirror and would work in both babies’ and older children’s rooms.

We have an amazing selection of picture frames and other décor items that help make children’s spaces magical.