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Pottery Barn Kids Category Description Example: Knobs, Pegs and Hooks

Knobs, Pegs and Hooks

Turning children’s bedrooms or playrooms into spaces they adore is easy when you have the right tools on hand. Pottery Barn Kids has everything you need to turn plain rooms into perfect places. Organization plays a huge role in making everything in the room sync up while eliminating chaos. Our knobs, pegs and hooks are the perfect tools to help prevent a room from falling into disarray.

Use our pegs for organization. People often don’t realize how far accessories like our pegs and hooks can go towards turning kids’ rooms from war zones into fun zones. Kids’ rooms by their very definition can be chaotic and hard to navigate, especially for the kids. By using our pegs and hooks in the space, you can eliminate the disarray and make the space usable for everyone. Pegs on a wall are perfect places to hang certain items that you need to grab on the go.

Don’t simply use boring, run-of-the-mill pegs, though. Soar beyond the average, and choose from one of our beautiful styles. If you’ve got kids who love things like fairytales and dreamy decor, hang treasures from their walls using our gold or white butterfly hooks. Made from metal and polyresin, they’re easy to hang on the wall and can carry up to 15 pounds in weight. This makes them perfect for anything from ballet shoes to schoolbags. We offer floral versions of these hooks for kids who are more into flower power. Sports lovers score big with our football and baseball-shaped knobs that can attach to dressers, drawers and armoires. Choose primary colored hooks to add bright bursts of color to white walls. Nautical-themed hooks will appeal to the budding sailors in your life.

Maybe you’re simply looking into give a kid’s room a whole new look with little effort. Our pegs may be small, but they can change the look of an entire room in an instant. People swap out plain knobs and pegs on their kitchen cabinets and drastically change the look of that room in one fell swoop, and the same thing can be done with kids’ rooms. Turn your children’s rooms into places they really want to hang out by replacing the existing knobs on cabinet or armoire doors or even bookcases with our pegs and hooks. Remove plain knobs from your kids’ armoires and replace them with the peg version of the butterfly knobs mentioned above.

Our pegs and hooks can be used in conjunction with our other accessories in order to pull your child’s room together. They can be used with our classic shelving if you’d like to create a hanging accessory that does double duty. You can hang some items on the hooks, and then place items that need a flat surface directly onto the shelf or inside one of our storage boxes like our jewelry boxes.

Storing away the small stuff is important, but the bigger items like toysbooks and blankets and essentials also need their space. Our storage options can create a relaxed vibe by turning a cluttered room into a peaceful, organized oasis. Our storage wall systems are simply the best way to organize every stray item your child’s room, from an errant football to hastily scattered books to art supplies. Some feature open shelving where you can slot in our individual storage bins. Label the bins so that your kids know exactly where to keep their books, blocks and construction paper. A fantastic idea that would help tie the room together would be to use some of our hooks and knobs that you use on your walls on our storage units as well. You’ll gain even more space to put away your kids’ things.

With these simple ideas, kids’ room clutter can be seamlessly hidden away so that all anyone who enters the room will see is a beautiful, clean, fun-filled space.